Human Dignity: Love and Respect is Important for Every Human

Human dignity is something spiritually embedded deeply within human beings that cannot be taken away and cannot be claimed. It is something essential with the quality of living which comes in as human rights that people should promote and be known as everyone’s respect and love for one another. Human dignity should be properly recognized by every individual with their own view of how they feel and interact with their selves and towards other people. It is important that the both male and female gender should have equal opportunities and rights with one another to live in harmony. Also, love for one another is the only way that leads to the success on people’s unity on promoting and keeping human dignity as a respect for one another.

we afford to others. It should be recognized by others.

Recognizing and understanding the feelings and the current state of another individual is the start of the recognition of a human dignity. As people started to realize other people’s feelings, they will independently react with their own nature and understanding but the only problem is how they will react within the measures of their human dignity when certain situations arises that which could result on either good or bad actions. In his essay/open letter in Newsweek, “To a Sudanese Woman,” Toni Morrison describes a certain local government on their lawfully mandated public whipping as “How afraid such regimes must be, how puerile their claims of power.” Understanding the situation of the Sudanese woman that was whipped by local enforcers in front of a public while other people (witnesses) were laughing was too much of disrespect no matter what the case or law that the woman has broken. Though, public whipping in that country was uncommon, discrimination and the void of human dignity should not be a part with the terms of their government wherein the locals failed to fully understand and realized that some of the implemented policies are wrong and therefore should be changed for the greater good of the human dignity of people and it starts by understand and realizing the feelings of others..

Every human being is made equal on earth, and people should therefore treat one another with respect and promote equal rights and opportunities as the bottom line of human dignity. And although physically in nature, men are more stronger than women, after all almost every job can also be done by a woman such as driving a bus, being a construction worker, and being a politician which should result into equal rights and opportunities among men and women. In his essay article in Newsweek, “The woman in black; Leah Rabin is left to pursue her husband’s dream of peace,” Christopher Dickey and Tom Post quotes and describes the brave action of Leah Rabin, “’All of us who believe in peace,’ she said, ‘should stop being silent about it.’ Speaking up, nudging hope along — that’s how Israel’s mother courage plans to move on.”  Despite being a woman, she continued to be brave and realized that moving on is more important, and that is why instead of mourning for the death of her husband she continued her husband’s legacy on advocating peace by speaking up and avoid from being let down by others. Leah Rabin’s advocacies and courageous story is very essential for people especially to those are afraid and to those who are being discriminated and stereotyped by others by standing up, speaking and making their own advocacy a reality for others to see that there should be love and respect for human dignity.

Love is the ultimate thing that person can give to others. In love, there is a care, concern, justification of rights and respect to other people. And we can only experience this love with ourselves with our feelings as a human person. In the article “Human Work in Catholic Social Thought“ by Daniel Finn he quoted St. John Paull II that “actions must all serve to realize his humanity, to fulfill the calling to be a person that is his by reason of his very humanity.” St. John Paul II wanted us to realize that we should be careful with our own actions because what we do as a person reflects the very nature of us individuals wherein people may see us the way on how we do such things. And so, it is important that we should love one another because if we will always give love, then there will be no longer be an issue nor problem for us to how we should respect and develop human dignity.

Human Dignity can never be take away from human beings and it can only be better or worse depending on the way the people will do their actions. If for instance a person does such a mistake that offends another person, it is not enough reason for that individual to harm or do things against to that sinful person because it destroys human dignity. People should understand and feel that they are anot doing the right thing if they continue to be violent and unforgiving to others. If there are equal opportunities and rights for everyone then there will be no longer stereotyping and discrimination for everyone and it will develop the human dignity for the greater good of people. Love is the only way that we can easily strengthen and nourish our life and our human dignity which is free from any forms of harm, violence and misunderstanding of one another.

— End —