The Wrath of Mother Nature to People

Bernabe, Gerald S.

4 – AHR — 10/14/14

The Wrath of Mother Nature to People

Does Mother Nature already took its revenge among the unrighteous acts of humans living in the present generation? There are a lot of natural calamities that are happening which includes global warming, climate change, and natural resources’ depletion. Global warming on its sense has already a lot of implications to the lives of humanity alone, affecting people’s homes, health and progress in everyday activities due to the causes of flash floods, carbon emissions and the devastation of natural resources. Although humanity cannot control the fearful acts of nature, it was still the humans who causes the tremendous harmful changes in the world. People’s lack of discipline, profligate uses of resources and failing to feel and understand in order to sustain the continuing deterioration of environment are the evidences on disastrous effects made by nature. Clearly, these are the forms of Mother Nature that greatly impacts the people who will bear the sufferings due to their misconduct and misbehavior responses towards conserving the environment. Yet, it is nature’s approach to the people to change their ways and to bridge the gap by also becoming more aware through sustaining an ethical and sustainable environmental management.

The earth on its earlier age has a beautiful environment to live in which are all natural and has an abundant amount of clean and essential resources coming from the trees, oceans and the air. Though there are possibilities that natural disturbances may occur such as earthquakes, landslides and sandstorms, they were all natural occurrences and it cannot be stopped by anyone. Yet, as centuries and decades passed, there were more than meets the eye. Global warming and climate change begun to sprung up and seriously develops the extreme power of disaster of Mother Nature. In the interview, “Plowing the Way in Environmental Research,” of Lester Brown, he points that “Hurricane Sandy was an example of a shift in weather patterns that we had never seen before. [Climate change] is that kind of thing —unprecedented behavior in the climate system that makes things much more risky.” Analyzing Brown’s statement about the climate change, people cannot easily avoid the dangers of nature especially when the greater extent of the disaster has never been encountered by humanity before. The acts of nature is difficult to predict in the present reality as the nature and its environment is already destroyed and people can only prepare for the worse to come with the instances of super typhoons, melting of ice in the Arctic and scarcity of food and water.

People became greedy on their use of natural resources, not just for their own needs but also for their own wants and desires. Munjed Murad, in his article Islam & Science, has discussed that “modern science enables people to lavishly and greedily exploit the natural world’s resources. . . without the person even knowing of the negative impact.” Hence, the wasteful demand of natural resources not only comes from people’s inappropriate and extravagant use of it, but also through people’s lack of knowledge and discipline, wherein there are instances that people in organizations uses the tag “modern science” as their authority to experiment and mistreat the essential resources of the world. For example if every week, students on almost all different schools around the world will be permitted to dissect living frogs for the sake of science classes, then there could be a possibility for frogs to be endangered, leaving an imbalance to the ecosystem. The same goes for the improper use of other resources due to human error and lack of discipline which can peril mankind and every other living organisms instantly because of its greater impact and danger to Mother Nature.

Reversing the greater impact of the natural calamities that people experience due to their misbehavior might just be as hard to assess and may not be possible at all. The only thing people can do is to lessen its impact by becoming more aware and prepared for it wherein adaptation of every people will happen when it begun to be an everyday trend or routine for the nature conservation. In the article Climate change: Is seeing believing? by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, cited Matthew Nisbet that “people maybe more willing to respond if we [humans] switch the frame of reference and put people in the middle of our story about climate change.” Thus, engaging people as the sheer center of all the changes occurred in the climate change and emphasizing its bad effects to the health of the nation will make them feel and understand how important it is to save the nature and its environment. There are many various ways for people to curb the effects of climate change and natural calamity such as recycling, proper segregation of waste materials and discovering new ways for renewable energy, which are all beneficial to Mother Nature if only people will have the perception and proper discipline intact with their actions.

The shifting of weather patterns which causes climate change and global warming is not only the major problem and concern that people are experiencing, but there also comes the humanity’s inability to foresee and assess the notably underlying effects of extremities that Mother Nature is capable of on the dangerous impact of the environment. People’s lack of discipline and knowledge in using the natural resources, made the nature to suffer for being destroyed and the consequence that it delivers to the people is just the result for their improper, greed and selfish acts in using these resources. On putting the people in the big picture as catalysts in preventing global warming and climate change, they can be able to feel and realize the dangerous effects of nature which will activate their critical response towards interacting with the environment. And if people will be able to participate on the different ways in saving Mother Nature such as joining environmental programs and nature driven advocacies, people will greatly understand the importance of nature and how well they can benefit from it by responding to the crucial problems of nature. As people understand these things about the nature, that brings back a more motivated question that “does Mother Nature already took its revenge from humans’ unrighteous acts —that made humans to become more aware of their present situation?” Perhaps the answer is no, not yet if people will continue ruining and becoming selfish on their profligate use of the resources of nature. But perhaps yes, climate change and global warming will now be lessen if every people will turn their heads and start changing their ways with contributing to the combined effort of saving Mother Nature which should become a helpful habit in the lives of the living organisms.

— end —