Giving Priority to the Nature

Emphasizing on the different kind of approaches in preserving and protecting the nature will help the environment save more of its natural resources sooner than later. Many people are getting hungry every day, as there are many people that are not getting the same bountiful amount of foods that other families do. Countries around the world especially the powerful and developed countries such as the: U.S., China, Middle East, etc. do not focus very much on the development of the environment and nature. Proper funding should go for the benefit and development of renewable energy and its research for the new ways in helping towards saving the environment. It may sometimes be good enough to strategize on exaggerating things to make people feel more that they need to act sooner than later, wherein they will also feel alarmed and will do more things for sustaining the environment.

There are about more than 7 billion people in the world and counting. Different cultures, traditions, religions, races, ethics and more. And every human continuously contribute to this problem of nature. But if every single person regardless of age or group has their own responsibility in saving the environment, then we may be able to sustain more of our natural resources and prevent the wildlife and nature to be destroyed. As Lester Brown said in his book: Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble, causes of food shortage comes from the awful mismanagement of the natural resources and the current demographic growth “Global warming is increasingly evident, causes reduced crop yields…  Population growth in excess of resources leads to conflicts, contributing to the genocide in Rwanda, as well as tensions in Nigeria, India, etc. In many countries, food production is artificially maintained by unsustainable depletion of natural resources such as fossil water, and collapse of these bubble economies is inevitable.” Again, Brown said that bubble economies are inevitable, and even other economists such as Antoine Cournot and Alfred Marshall who developed and publicized the law of demand and supply in the 1800s, wherein people should have formulated an applied idea on how to properly manage the demand and supply of our natural resources. So why is it that there are still people that tends to destroy the environment with all these information and even with their own conscience or common sense?

Besides the shortage of food in the world, and the improper handling of the natural resources for proper allocation, developed countries has seen a lack of their position in their solution in solving scarcity of food and water for people. And has their strong focus towards making their rich country much richer by seeking other things such as oil and mining of gold that does not contribute in helping on solving the problems of food shortage around the world. Brown also said in his book that “Attention has focused on oil insecurity, and rightly so, but it is not a shame as food insecurity. An empty gas tank is one thing, an empty stomach another. And while there are substitutes for oil, there are none for food.” Oil security has a lot of alternative ways for it to be solved such as riding a bicycle wherein you can save oil/gas and it also saves the environment for a lesser output of smoke in the atmosphere. Also, earlier civilizations in ancient times do not have cars or machines that helped them to their tasks but still lived without its help. Unlike putting food and water insecurity in the big picture, we cannot live without it.

In the midst of the more serious effects of food scarcity, more developed countries that governs and manage their people should implement on the different ways of making renewable energy. Through sunlight, wind and rain, renewable energies can be created, and there are more ways in building on it. If we are able to make more renewable resources such as bio gas for the alternative of oil and solar panel as an alternative for electricity, then we can able to focus and lend more funding for the food shortages research and development. And this is what Lester Brown wanted to happen as he said it in his book, wherein: “Plan B essentially outlines a transition from an economy powered mainly by oil, coal, and natural gas to one powered largely by wind, solar, and geothermal energy”. Also, Brown has a point that an exaggeration of making and developing more ways in saving the environment will have a huge impact in helping conserve the nature for the future. Brown assessed that if we can cut net carbon dioxide emissions 80 percent by 2020, we can also likely reverse the rise in hunger in the future.

People are the ones ultimately responsible towards helping save the nature. Yet, people will only respond to different climate changes and depletion of natural resources if they can feel or perceived these harmful changes first hand within themselves. In the early age, people can survive on the alternatives for a car and other machineries, and there is no need for oil that diverts most of the developed countries’ on looking for these materials. While with the lack of food, there could be no other alternative for us to eat. The diminishing amount of the natural resources in the world should make all the countries in the world to develop renewable energy that protects the depletion of the earth’s resources and also to focus more on the people’s need in providing for the lack of food and water especially to the poor. Though it may be far from reaching a target or goal on reducing pollution and carbon emissions in a certain year, it will still leave a good and great impact to the environment because more people will be more aware and will be responsible for taking good care of the environment for a sustainable future.

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