Human Dignity: Love and Respect is Important for Every Human

Human dignity is something spiritually embedded deeply within human beings that cannot be taken away and cannot be claimed. It is something essential with the quality of living which comes in as human rights that people should promote and be known as everyone’s respect and love for one another. Human dignity should be properly recognized by every individual with their own view of how they feel and interact with their selves and towards other people. It is important that the both male and female gender should have equal opportunities and rights with one another to live in harmony. Also, love for one another is the only way that leads to the success on people’s unity on promoting and keeping human dignity as a respect for one another.

we afford to others. It should be recognized by others.

Recognizing and understanding the feelings and the current state of another individual is the start of the recognition of a human dignity. As people started to realize other people’s feelings, they will independently react with their own nature and understanding but the only problem is how they will react within the measures of their human dignity when certain situations arises that which could result on either good or bad actions. In his essay/open letter in Newsweek, “To a Sudanese Woman,” Toni Morrison describes a certain local government on their lawfully mandated public whipping as “How afraid such regimes must be, how puerile their claims of power.” Understanding the situation of the Sudanese woman that was whipped by local enforcers in front of a public while other people (witnesses) were laughing was too much of disrespect no matter what the case or law that the woman has broken. Though, public whipping in that country was uncommon, discrimination and the void of human dignity should not be a part with the terms of their government wherein the locals failed to fully understand and realized that some of the implemented policies are wrong and therefore should be changed for the greater good of the human dignity of people and it starts by understand and realizing the feelings of others..

Every human being is made equal on earth, and people should therefore treat one another with respect and promote equal rights and opportunities as the bottom line of human dignity. And although physically in nature, men are more stronger than women, after all almost every job can also be done by a woman such as driving a bus, being a construction worker, and being a politician which should result into equal rights and opportunities among men and women. In his essay article in Newsweek, “The woman in black; Leah Rabin is left to pursue her husband’s dream of peace,” Christopher Dickey and Tom Post quotes and describes the brave action of Leah Rabin, “’All of us who believe in peace,’ she said, ‘should stop being silent about it.’ Speaking up, nudging hope along — that’s how Israel’s mother courage plans to move on.”  Despite being a woman, she continued to be brave and realized that moving on is more important, and that is why instead of mourning for the death of her husband she continued her husband’s legacy on advocating peace by speaking up and avoid from being let down by others. Leah Rabin’s advocacies and courageous story is very essential for people especially to those are afraid and to those who are being discriminated and stereotyped by others by standing up, speaking and making their own advocacy a reality for others to see that there should be love and respect for human dignity.

Love is the ultimate thing that person can give to others. In love, there is a care, concern, justification of rights and respect to other people. And we can only experience this love with ourselves with our feelings as a human person. In the article “Human Work in Catholic Social Thought“ by Daniel Finn he quoted St. John Paull II that “actions must all serve to realize his humanity, to fulfill the calling to be a person that is his by reason of his very humanity.” St. John Paul II wanted us to realize that we should be careful with our own actions because what we do as a person reflects the very nature of us individuals wherein people may see us the way on how we do such things. And so, it is important that we should love one another because if we will always give love, then there will be no longer be an issue nor problem for us to how we should respect and develop human dignity.

Human Dignity can never be take away from human beings and it can only be better or worse depending on the way the people will do their actions. If for instance a person does such a mistake that offends another person, it is not enough reason for that individual to harm or do things against to that sinful person because it destroys human dignity. People should understand and feel that they are anot doing the right thing if they continue to be violent and unforgiving to others. If there are equal opportunities and rights for everyone then there will be no longer stereotyping and discrimination for everyone and it will develop the human dignity for the greater good of people. Love is the only way that we can easily strengthen and nourish our life and our human dignity which is free from any forms of harm, violence and misunderstanding of one another.

— End —


The Wrath of Mother Nature to People

Bernabe, Gerald S.

4 – AHR — 10/14/14

The Wrath of Mother Nature to People

Does Mother Nature already took its revenge among the unrighteous acts of humans living in the present generation? There are a lot of natural calamities that are happening which includes global warming, climate change, and natural resources’ depletion. Global warming on its sense has already a lot of implications to the lives of humanity alone, affecting people’s homes, health and progress in everyday activities due to the causes of flash floods, carbon emissions and the devastation of natural resources. Although humanity cannot control the fearful acts of nature, it was still the humans who causes the tremendous harmful changes in the world. People’s lack of discipline, profligate uses of resources and failing to feel and understand in order to sustain the continuing deterioration of environment are the evidences on disastrous effects made by nature. Clearly, these are the forms of Mother Nature that greatly impacts the people who will bear the sufferings due to their misconduct and misbehavior responses towards conserving the environment. Yet, it is nature’s approach to the people to change their ways and to bridge the gap by also becoming more aware through sustaining an ethical and sustainable environmental management.

The earth on its earlier age has a beautiful environment to live in which are all natural and has an abundant amount of clean and essential resources coming from the trees, oceans and the air. Though there are possibilities that natural disturbances may occur such as earthquakes, landslides and sandstorms, they were all natural occurrences and it cannot be stopped by anyone. Yet, as centuries and decades passed, there were more than meets the eye. Global warming and climate change begun to sprung up and seriously develops the extreme power of disaster of Mother Nature. In the interview, “Plowing the Way in Environmental Research,” of Lester Brown, he points that “Hurricane Sandy was an example of a shift in weather patterns that we had never seen before. [Climate change] is that kind of thing —unprecedented behavior in the climate system that makes things much more risky.” Analyzing Brown’s statement about the climate change, people cannot easily avoid the dangers of nature especially when the greater extent of the disaster has never been encountered by humanity before. The acts of nature is difficult to predict in the present reality as the nature and its environment is already destroyed and people can only prepare for the worse to come with the instances of super typhoons, melting of ice in the Arctic and scarcity of food and water.

People became greedy on their use of natural resources, not just for their own needs but also for their own wants and desires. Munjed Murad, in his article Islam & Science, has discussed that “modern science enables people to lavishly and greedily exploit the natural world’s resources. . . without the person even knowing of the negative impact.” Hence, the wasteful demand of natural resources not only comes from people’s inappropriate and extravagant use of it, but also through people’s lack of knowledge and discipline, wherein there are instances that people in organizations uses the tag “modern science” as their authority to experiment and mistreat the essential resources of the world. For example if every week, students on almost all different schools around the world will be permitted to dissect living frogs for the sake of science classes, then there could be a possibility for frogs to be endangered, leaving an imbalance to the ecosystem. The same goes for the improper use of other resources due to human error and lack of discipline which can peril mankind and every other living organisms instantly because of its greater impact and danger to Mother Nature.

Reversing the greater impact of the natural calamities that people experience due to their misbehavior might just be as hard to assess and may not be possible at all. The only thing people can do is to lessen its impact by becoming more aware and prepared for it wherein adaptation of every people will happen when it begun to be an everyday trend or routine for the nature conservation. In the article Climate change: Is seeing believing? by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, cited Matthew Nisbet that “people maybe more willing to respond if we [humans] switch the frame of reference and put people in the middle of our story about climate change.” Thus, engaging people as the sheer center of all the changes occurred in the climate change and emphasizing its bad effects to the health of the nation will make them feel and understand how important it is to save the nature and its environment. There are many various ways for people to curb the effects of climate change and natural calamity such as recycling, proper segregation of waste materials and discovering new ways for renewable energy, which are all beneficial to Mother Nature if only people will have the perception and proper discipline intact with their actions.

The shifting of weather patterns which causes climate change and global warming is not only the major problem and concern that people are experiencing, but there also comes the humanity’s inability to foresee and assess the notably underlying effects of extremities that Mother Nature is capable of on the dangerous impact of the environment. People’s lack of discipline and knowledge in using the natural resources, made the nature to suffer for being destroyed and the consequence that it delivers to the people is just the result for their improper, greed and selfish acts in using these resources. On putting the people in the big picture as catalysts in preventing global warming and climate change, they can be able to feel and realize the dangerous effects of nature which will activate their critical response towards interacting with the environment. And if people will be able to participate on the different ways in saving Mother Nature such as joining environmental programs and nature driven advocacies, people will greatly understand the importance of nature and how well they can benefit from it by responding to the crucial problems of nature. As people understand these things about the nature, that brings back a more motivated question that “does Mother Nature already took its revenge from humans’ unrighteous acts —that made humans to become more aware of their present situation?” Perhaps the answer is no, not yet if people will continue ruining and becoming selfish on their profligate use of the resources of nature. But perhaps yes, climate change and global warming will now be lessen if every people will turn their heads and start changing their ways with contributing to the combined effort of saving Mother Nature which should become a helpful habit in the lives of the living organisms.

— end —

People, Power and Nature

Everything that exists in the world is interconnected with nature. In the years after the World War II, countries are drastically developing year after year. There have been predictions that the world will have difficulty in satisfying the demands of the resources for the continuing population growth that is happening today. On the other hand, Middle East countries which are rich in production of oil such as Saudi Arabia, made a great impact on the part of their go- vernment to control these resources as a worldwide necessity. To provide more energy and power, the researchers and scientists found out other sources that could be the answer for unlimited resources of renewable energy. A great investment for further research and development of renewable resources are needed to a possible solution for the unending problem of scarce resources in the world.

In the present world, there are now a lot of new discoveries made by scientists and researchers for the benefit of the environment wherein they long discovered other alternatives for fossil fuels such as solar energy. Though, it could be a great solution for the demand of fossil fuels, it may still be not enough especially when there is no enough sunlight that can come from the sun during night time or rainy day season. As George Brown said in his article entitled Think ing Ahead; here we must take into account the technical fact that we cannot convert all the energy in fuel into actual usable form. In other words, the output, or amount of energy we take from the fuel and put out for use, is only a frac-tion of the input, or amount of energy we put in as fuel. Due to a long period of time for fossil fuels to be formed, oth-er renewable energy cannot be the primary new source for oil, there is more need of a research progress to be able to assess on the concrete solution for fossil fuels. We can add up to the fact that continuous population growth which may demand more use of oil can exceed the amount of resources needed to not just satisfy but to also attend to the needs of people.

Despite the ongoing concern of the rise in the demand of production of oil, rich in oil producing countries in Middle East limits their production of oil as controlled by their government. In the article World oil and cold reality André Bénard  said that if oil continue to rise rapidly and steeply, they will create strong pressures within OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) to reduce oil exports, and economic growth will come to a virtual halt… Such a situa-tion would pose the great risk of pushing the already fragile economies over the threshold of tolerance into serious dis-continuity. Countries that consume a large amount of oil like China and the U.S., should learn how to properly balance their consumption of oil to attain sustainability of these oil resources. Unless, countries will take part in oil conservan-cy, there will be a larger amount of price for oil to be bought in the market which can greatly affect the economy and its people.

Energy cannot be destroyed nor created, it can only be converted in another form. There are a lot of ways and solu-tions to solve problems in the environment such as scarcity on electricity power and consumption of oil. As it was said by Gardiner Morse in his article Six sources of limitless energy? he said that we’re surrounded by inexhaustible clean-energy sources – the sun, the wind, the ocean, plants, atoms , the earth’s core – but the technology and economic  rationale for tapping them have lagged behind our imaginations. Lack of more information and research in using al-ternative ways for renewable resources is the big problem in producing more power and energy. It is a good thing  that there are other new machines/technologies that were made to cope with the problem of energy as of now. In  spite of future developments of technologies around us, it will still be better if we can go back to the old days like rid-ing a horse for transportation and using other alternative ways instead of consuming power and energy that may have a limited solution to be solved.

People are the ones ultimately responsible towards helping save the nature. Yet, people will only respond to differ-ent climate changes and depletion of natural resources if they can feel or perceived these harmful changes first  hand within themselves. In the early age, people can survive on the alternatives for a car and other machineries,  and there is no need for oil that diverts most of the developed countries’ on looking for these materials. While with  the lack of food, there could be no other alternative for us to eat. The diminishing amount of the natural resources in the world should make all the countries in the world to develop renewable energy that protects the depletion of the earth’s resources and also to focus more on the people’s need in providing for the lack of food and water especially  to the poor. That is because we cannot live in the world no matter how much renewable energy and power we may have because there are alternatives for the kinds of oil, but none for food. Though it may be far from reaching a tar-get or goal on reducing on the consumption of oil and power coming from nature, if the government of every country can devote on assessing the needs for further research and development about the new ways in renewable energy, then we may be not far behind in making the world a better place to live in.

— end —

Giving Priority to the Nature

Emphasizing on the different kind of approaches in preserving and protecting the nature will help the environment save more of its natural resources sooner than later. Many people are getting hungry every day, as there are many people that are not getting the same bountiful amount of foods that other families do. Countries around the world especially the powerful and developed countries such as the: U.S., China, Middle East, etc. do not focus very much on the development of the environment and nature. Proper funding should go for the benefit and development of renewable energy and its research for the new ways in helping towards saving the environment. It may sometimes be good enough to strategize on exaggerating things to make people feel more that they need to act sooner than later, wherein they will also feel alarmed and will do more things for sustaining the environment.

There are about more than 7 billion people in the world and counting. Different cultures, traditions, religions, races, ethics and more. And every human continuously contribute to this problem of nature. But if every single person regardless of age or group has their own responsibility in saving the environment, then we may be able to sustain more of our natural resources and prevent the wildlife and nature to be destroyed. As Lester Brown said in his book: Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble, causes of food shortage comes from the awful mismanagement of the natural resources and the current demographic growth “Global warming is increasingly evident, causes reduced crop yields…  Population growth in excess of resources leads to conflicts, contributing to the genocide in Rwanda, as well as tensions in Nigeria, India, etc. In many countries, food production is artificially maintained by unsustainable depletion of natural resources such as fossil water, and collapse of these bubble economies is inevitable.” Again, Brown said that bubble economies are inevitable, and even other economists such as Antoine Cournot and Alfred Marshall who developed and publicized the law of demand and supply in the 1800s, wherein people should have formulated an applied idea on how to properly manage the demand and supply of our natural resources. So why is it that there are still people that tends to destroy the environment with all these information and even with their own conscience or common sense?

Besides the shortage of food in the world, and the improper handling of the natural resources for proper allocation, developed countries has seen a lack of their position in their solution in solving scarcity of food and water for people. And has their strong focus towards making their rich country much richer by seeking other things such as oil and mining of gold that does not contribute in helping on solving the problems of food shortage around the world. Brown also said in his book that “Attention has focused on oil insecurity, and rightly so, but it is not a shame as food insecurity. An empty gas tank is one thing, an empty stomach another. And while there are substitutes for oil, there are none for food.” Oil security has a lot of alternative ways for it to be solved such as riding a bicycle wherein you can save oil/gas and it also saves the environment for a lesser output of smoke in the atmosphere. Also, earlier civilizations in ancient times do not have cars or machines that helped them to their tasks but still lived without its help. Unlike putting food and water insecurity in the big picture, we cannot live without it.

In the midst of the more serious effects of food scarcity, more developed countries that governs and manage their people should implement on the different ways of making renewable energy. Through sunlight, wind and rain, renewable energies can be created, and there are more ways in building on it. If we are able to make more renewable resources such as bio gas for the alternative of oil and solar panel as an alternative for electricity, then we can able to focus and lend more funding for the food shortages research and development. And this is what Lester Brown wanted to happen as he said it in his book, wherein: “Plan B essentially outlines a transition from an economy powered mainly by oil, coal, and natural gas to one powered largely by wind, solar, and geothermal energy”. Also, Brown has a point that an exaggeration of making and developing more ways in saving the environment will have a huge impact in helping conserve the nature for the future. Brown assessed that if we can cut net carbon dioxide emissions 80 percent by 2020, we can also likely reverse the rise in hunger in the future.

People are the ones ultimately responsible towards helping save the nature. Yet, people will only respond to different climate changes and depletion of natural resources if they can feel or perceived these harmful changes first hand within themselves. In the early age, people can survive on the alternatives for a car and other machineries, and there is no need for oil that diverts most of the developed countries’ on looking for these materials. While with the lack of food, there could be no other alternative for us to eat. The diminishing amount of the natural resources in the world should make all the countries in the world to develop renewable energy that protects the depletion of the earth’s resources and also to focus more on the people’s need in providing for the lack of food and water especially to the poor. Though it may be far from reaching a target or goal on reducing pollution and carbon emissions in a certain year, it will still leave a good and great impact to the environment because more people will be more aware and will be responsible for taking good care of the environment for a sustainable future.

— end —

New Media –A Catalyst in Conserving Nature

Bernabe, Gerald S.

4 – AHR, August 28, 2014


New Media –A Catalyst in Conserving Nature

The new media can help save, protect and conserve the nature with the continuing
advancement of technology which impacts people’s daily lives through the fast
delivery of information. Gone are the days when news reporters are the sole
responsible with covering most of the news and being documented it in televisions,
magazines and newspapers. With the help of new media, most people in the world are
just a few clicks away with their smartphones or gadgets, wherein they can have the power to contribute a story of their own with the help of social networking sites and
news coverage in television which exposes the latest trending news and stories nationwide.
Influential people who uses these tools are also a great asset of the new media in encouraging
more people to take good care of the environment. People who can witness the sight of beauty
and the wonders of nature will no longer be exclusive just to themselves, because they can now
easily share and enjoy their stories from interacting with nature through the use of social
media that will leave impact on other people’s minds of how we should take good care of mother

An access to an internet and a smartphone can refer to the use of new media through browsing of contents in it.
In the description of Wikipedia about the new media -“are digital, often having characteristics of being mani-
pulated, networkable, dense, compressible, and interactive.” In other words, new media, with the use of tech-
nologies should have a digital interactivity. The use of Facebook, as a social media interacts with its users
and participants digitally. In the article of NBC News: “While an untold number of selfies and pictures of food
are posted on social networks daily, people are also snapping images of birds, flowers, and other creatures that
can help researchers who keep a close eye on flora and fauna at the tipping point.” This is the purpose of new
media, delivering information interactively through technology and because of this, people such as scientists
may gain more information about conserving the nature.

New media, which is used as medium of communication and interaction to the social world may come through the use
of different social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, most TV news channel such as
GMA News TV encourages their viewers to send images or videos to them to be able to report it in their news cha-
nnel. The purpose of’YouScoop’ as said by GMA 7: “YouScoop allows ordinary citizens like yourself to take an
active part in helping us report the news. Wherever you are, you can be a responsible citizen journalist! All it
takes is at least a cell phone or an internet connection.” An example of documenting on how to save nature as it
was said in the article of NBC News “Key to this technological fix are online social networks such as eBird and
iNaturalist where people post pictures of birds and plants they spot through the course of their daily lives.
Members of the scientific community validate and describe what has been posted and use the data to  understand
where species are and how to protect them.” This explains that through the interaction of new media like the
social networks: eBird and iNaturalist, more people are posting their stories online and this significantly helps
people to be aware and to encourage everyone such as how to protect the nature and its environment.

Through the fast delivery of information which are more interactive and interesting in learning more about the
environment.As the social media continually becomes viral everyday, famous and influential people has also begun
using social networking sites to connect with their fans and followers whenever and wherever they may be as long
as they have an internet connection and a capable gadget to share their stories online. Influential people such as
Al Gore, the former vice president of America uses social media to communicate his advocacies with the  problems  of the environment around the world. As it was said in the article of Wikipedia, “Al Gore’s Cimate Reality Project
is a non-profit organization involved in education and advocacy related to climate change.” Al Gore uses social
media to update his followers and supporters about his projects in conserving the nature such as the 24-hour
event. From the excerpt in Wikipedia: “The 24-hour event was broadcast live over the Internet and featured 24
presenters across 24 time zones presenting in 13 different languages. The presentations, which stressed a link
between climate change and oil and coal producers, started in Mexico City and traveled west before culminating
in New York City with a presentation by Gore.” With more influential people such as celebrities  and famous
athletes that are using the social media as a new way to encourage more people in conserving the nature, the world
will be a more sustainable environment to live in.

The new media is a medium of interaction and communication with the use of social media and technologies that can
help save the environment through the wide information that people can get with it. People who uses social media
can be able to present their ideas and stories through social networking sites and news television by posting and
sending their captured moments and experiences of nature respectively to the new media wherein other groups of
people such as the organizations and scientists can help gain more knowledge and information towards protecting
and conserving the environment. It is a great deal to have influential people such as celebrities to post their own advocacies to encourage more people in saving the nature and its environment. The advancement of technologies
can never be stopped, but with the use of new media, we can improve it to become more usable and efficient to us
people who lives a world wherein we should be aware and responsible for our nature.

— end —